Bill Hobbs (at his spiffy new site) calls attention to a briefing by Army Maj. Gen. Charles H. Swannack, Jr., who says that attacks on coalition troops are down 60% since Saddam's capture. Mr. Hobbs wants to know why this hasn't been widely reported in the mainstream press, but I assume he's asking rhetorically.

The Iraqi Governing Council could petition the US for statehood, and if the media covered it they'd spend all their inches speculating on Halliburton's involvement. Besides, there's fighter jets not escorting passenger planes to report on, and Generalissimo Francisco Franco Is Still Dead. Dennis Kucinich brings a pie chart to a radio debate, and the late Princess Di's gay husband wanted her dead.

Iraq is so 2003, Mr. Hobbs -- get with the program! You may as well wish for Afghanistan's new constitution to get air-time.



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