I'm going to Reno to visit my dad. I'll probably roll 'dem bones while I'm there, and just generally decompress from my typically insane schedule. I won't think about debugging Windows NT's TCP handler, I won't think about why our real time interrupt amplitude is spiking abnormally and screwing with our oscilloscope, I won't think about why animats with 10 hidden units don't seem to flock while those with 15 do, I won't think about learning rates or eligibility traces or exponential error differentials.

But don't worry -- my dad has an internet connection and I'll probably post something. I don't think I could prevent myself.

Meanwhile, visit some of the folks on the left, or read some of my *Best Of*. Check out the most commented-on posts, they're pretty interesting.

If you've got a blog of your own, take the extra time you'd otherwise spend reading here and link to me! Send me an email, I'll link back. Plus, I like getting emails, it validates my existence. As do links. And tips.

Ok ok, I'm done.



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