I see that Justin Katz has established a new blog-home at Dust in the Light and generously linked to Master of None. Among his first posts is an excellent deconstruction of Andrew Sullivan's recent disingenuous writing about gay marriage that reminds me yet again why I stopped visiting Mr. Sullivan's site -- not because I disagree with him (although I do), but because I became dizzy from his constant spinning. Mr. Katz also has an excellent post about marriage and necessity, and remembers "the exact moment that I realized, back when my wife and I were just dating, that I had to choose right then between staying or leaving. Postponing the decision would have been callous and unfair."

By the way, his site will be easier to read once you click the "Turn Light On" link near the top of his sidebar. The initial black-on-light color scheme is a bit hard on the eyes, in my humble opinion.



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