I'd rather have no one show up than these three jokers.

Three candidates for the Democratic nomination for president debated yesterday in the District, agreeing that the city should be granted statehood, and that front-runner Howard Dean should have shown up. ...

Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich of Ohio, former Sen. Carol Moseley Braun of Illinois and Mr. Sharpton criticized and mocked Mr. Dean several times for his absence.

Sounds like an awesome debate!
The three candidates agreed on nearly every topic, from health care and education to the war in Iraq to statehood.
Or maybe not....

Then again, is does sound like they had a pretty good time.

He [The Rev. Al Sharpton] then plopped down into Mr. Dean's empty seat and mocked the candidate's angry-look and finger-wagging style.
Sounds like a hoot! Meanwhile, some wacky ideas were tossed around.
But Mrs. Moseley Braun set herself apart from the others when she said she would sign a bill to end the District's gun ban and that she would oppose a commuter tax on residents of Maryland and Virginia who work in the District.

"I have always supported reasonable gun control," she said, "but I think under the Constitution people have the right and should be able to have guns."

You think so? Amazing.
Mr. Kucinich, who several times said he lives and works in the District, had to ask the panel what the commuter tax would do, before saying he would support it.
Mr. Kucinich supports a tax? Who'd'a thunk it? He doesn't seem to see any limits to his power as a legislator.
Mr. Kucinich, at a rally after the debate at Mimi's Bistro in Northwest, said he planned to introduce a bill in the next session of Congress to give D.C. two senators and a voting representative in the House.
Last time I checked, Congress doesn't have the authority to just arbitrarily bestow Senators and Representatives on people. At least The Rev. Al Sharpton wants to go all the way and make DC into a state; unfortunately, he isn't as familiar with the Constitution as Sen. Braun.
The most prominent issue was statehood for the District, which all three candidates supported.

"I would issue an executive order calling for statehood, and challenge the Congress to stop me," Mr. Sharpton said.

Uh, right.

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