Ron Radosh has a few campaign predictions that I find eminently plausible. Read the whole thing; I'm going to excerpt the predictions.

No candidate for president can win without Ohio. Florida is crucial as well, and if Marco Rubio ran as Kasich's vice president, the Republicans likely would have a successful ticket.

Kasich/Rubio would be a very electable and respectable ticket. Kasich doesn't seem likely to win the nomination right now.

I believe Trump's support will erode and the people will choose a conservative candidate with actual political experience. [...] I pick Walker as the eventual winner because of his record and his proven ability to win elections in the blue state of Wisconsin.

Walker is still my top candidate, and I'm rooting for him to pull things together. I don't think Trump will end up with the nomination, but I do worry about him running as an independent.

I believe Hillary Clinton will be forced to pull out of the campaign -- for personal health reasons, of course -- and the Democratic field will be wide open.

I agree that Hillary is doomed, even if the axe hasn't fallen yet.

If Joe Biden enters, he will pass Clinton quickly in the polls even if she does not drop out.

A Joe Biden / Elizabeth Warner ticket seems very plausible.

I don't have to make a prediction, but I will anyway: Walker/Rubio vs. Biden/Warner in 2016.

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