Well duh: Hermione and Ron shouldn't have been together. I enjoyed the series but I'm not a huge Harry Potter fan, which is perhaps why it was easy for me see this relationship as a bizarre error much earlier than the author. I wonder what the super-fans will say? What what about poor Rose and Hugo?

I'd like to add that I've always loathed Ginny Weasley. And Quidditch.

J.K. Rowling may rattle the wizarding fan world of "Harry Potter" with a confession about her beloved series' main characters.

The British best-selling author, 48, admitted in a Wonderland magazine interview with "Harry Potter" actress Emma Watson that she should have paired Hermione Granger with the titular character, instead of his red-headed sidekick Ron Weasley. ...

"For reasons that have very little to do with literature and far more to do with me clinging to the plot as I first imagined it, Hermione ended up with Ron."

From The Wire and Tumblr:


And here's the Vincent Clortho School of Wizardry:

(HT: Ilya Somin, Andrew Sims, Eric Crampton (who really hates Ron).)

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