If you're looking for a rewarding job that involves artistry, creativity, and manual labor then perhaps you should consider taking up stone carving.

"I really rarely find someone who carves stone," Oglesbay said. "A lot of people will putz around or use machinery, but people who carve it originally with hammers and chisels and use math and come up with the exact product are hard to find."

According to Walter Arnold, treasurer and past president of the national Stone Carvers Guild, there are between 50 and 90 stone carvers in the U.S.
"It comes down to subjective criteria on skill levels; if you limit to those good enough by 1913 standards to have held down a job in a good shop back then, the current numbers are significantly lower," Arnold wrote in an email. "If you use looser criteria and quality standards, it's easily at the top of that number range."

There aren't many, and they're in high demand for restoration work all around the world. Also, you get to sing awesome songs!

(HT: Althouse.)

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