Yes, Time Magazine (they still exist?) has finally gotten around to recognizing the impact of the Tea Party!

In each place, discontent that had been simmering for years got turned up to a boil. There were foreshadowings. In the U.S., the Obama campaign was in part a feel-good protest movement that galvanized young people, and then its shocking success and the Wall Street bailout produced an angry and shockingly successful populist protest movement in the Tea Party, which has far outlasted its expected shelf life. In 2009, after the regime in Tehran denied the antiregime election results, millions of Iranians, especially young ones, protested for weeks. The Web and social media were key tactical tools in all three instances. But they seemed at the time to be one-offs, not prefaces to an epochal turn of history's wheel.

Wait a minute. Obama's campaign was a "feel-good protest" and the Tea Partiers were just "angry"? Well, at least they were "populist" I guess. However, despite having "far outlasted its expected shelf life" the Tea Party is a "one-off". Oh well.

It'll be very interesting to see which of these various movements have the longest-lasting beneficial effects. I'm guessing that the "Arab Spring" protests will leave us with a bunch of radical Islamist governments, and the Obama "protest" will leave us with a zillion dollars of debt.

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