The Palestinians are trying to get nine Security Council members to vote in favor of creating a Palestinian state.

The Palestinians hope to enlist nine members behind them, even if "the U.S. is going to veto it and embarrass itself," he told Voice of Palestine Radio from New York.

For any decision to pass in the 15-member Council, nine affirmative votes are needed, as well as no veto by any of the permanent Security Council members. The United States holds a veto and has promised to use it, if necessary. ...

The Palestinians are trying to win over Gabon, Nigeria and Bosnia-Herzegovina. The first, west-central African state seemed to have made up its mind to vote for the Palestinians, but the other two remained hesitant, Malki said.

Portugal, earlier still defined as undecided, by Tuesday seemed inclined to vote with the Palestinians, Israeli officials said.

Gabon, Nigeria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Portugal. These countries are all impotent in the Real World but thanks to the absurdity of the United Nations we're now forced to beg them hat-in-hand not to hand us a diplomatic defeat.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton should have headed off this embarrassment months ago.

(HT: Hot Air.)

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