Alte writes about high-IQ dating from a woman's perspective.

Because of the demographic factors that high IQ men outnumber high IQ women (2:1 to 5:1, depending upon her IQ) and that many high-IQ women do not want to marry, traditional, marriage-minded high-IQ women have little trouble finding spouses -- as long as they don't wait too long, of course. That is because of assortative mating, which results in the fact that most married couples are within 20 IQ points of each other. Although not every man is impressed by a woman's credentials and career, few men want to marry someone markedly less intelligent than they are.

To understand this, it is important to note that a person with an IQ=140 is as different from a person of IQ=120, as he is from a person of IQ=100, as he is from a person of IQ=80. A man of 140 IQ will naturally prefer women of IQ>120 for marriage because he will have difficulty relating to, and communicating with, a less-intelligent woman. She likely won't get his jokes, understand his work, captivate his mind, or share his interests. Although he might have sex with her, he will be disinclined to marry her. This might go some way toward explaining why promiscuous super-high IQ men report finding women so "interchangeable" and uninteresting -- hence all of the talk about sexbots. High IQ women are rare enough that it is unlikely that these men are "pumping-n-dumping" their way through their particular pool of ideal potential spouses, but are rather lowering their "intelligence standard" a bit, in order to accumulate more short-term partners.

So a person with an IQ of 140 is likely to marry someone in the 120-160 range. This means that a woman with an IQ of 140 will have a larger range of partners to choose from because there are so few eligible women at the far-range. This female-advantage increases dramatically as you move rightward from IQ 120, a theory which mirrors my own dating experiences, and those of the other high IQ women that I know. Although we might get less random male attention than other women, the attention we do receive tends to be more exclusive and intense, and we are more highly-valued by our mates. In other words, it is more difficult for us to find someone suitable to date, but it is easier for us to choose a marriage partner from among our dates.

It's always interesting to me to read about dating from behind enemy lines, so to speak.

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