Update June 17th, 2011! The Bank returned my $375! Yay!

I need to refinance my house and began working with Southern Missouri Bank at the beginning of April. As a part of the process they had my house appraised. Over the next two weeks I sent them a ton of paperwork and acted in complete good faith, but nothing moved forward on my refi because of delays with one of their "investors".

April passed.

May passed.

At the very end of May the representative working with me said that it would take another three to four weeks to satisfy the "investor". The representative told me that if I needed to move faster I should consider going with another lender, and I agreed. A house refinance shouldn't take three months to process.

At the beginning of June I received a receipt for $375 from David Lurvey, a vice president at SoMoBank, charging my credit card for the appraisal from the beginning of April. I emailed the refi representative and David Lurvey asking about the charge and was told that since I "chose" not to refinance with them I had to pay for the appraisal.

I wrote back and included Ben Morgan, the president of SoMoBank. I told them that the reason I didn't stay with them is because they were dragging their feet and not processing my refinance in a timely manner. Their problems with their "investor" were not my fault, and it was the representative herself who suggested that I try working with someone else. I got no response, to that or any other attempts I've made to contact the decision-makers at Southern Missouri Bank.

The purpose of this blog post is to name and shame David Lurvey and Ben Morgan of Southern Missouri Bank, the two men who screwed me out of $375. I worked with them in good faith, and they not only took my money but are also so arrogant that they won't even respond to my emails.

Don't trust David Lurvey, Ben Morgan, or Southern Missouri Bank.

Update June 17th, 2011! The Bank returned my $375! Yay!

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