President Obama has ordered combat operations to remove Gaddafi from power in Libya. Does this mean the vindication of President Bush is complete?

[Secretary of State Hillary] Clinton said earlier the immediate goal was stopping violence against civilians but the long-term objective was to see Gaddafi depart, although Obama himself did not mention this in his remarks.

"The first and overwhelmingly urgent action is to end the violence," she said, saying "a final result of any negotiations would have to be the decision by Colonel Gaddafi to leave."

Guantanamo: still open, with expanded military tribunals.

Predator strikes in AfPak: higher rate than ever.

Troops in Afghanistan: “Afghan forces in the lead throughout the country by 2014,” says General David Petraeus.

Patriot Act: Obama wants to keep all the provisions and extend it longer than Congressional Republicans.


France and Britain take the lead in Libya. Obama is lucky that this crisis is within range of Europe's ground-based aircraft. (Since European nations don't have the ability to project power substantially beyond their borders without American assistance.)

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