Paul Hsieh brought this link chain to my attention:

9/14/2010: I wrote "Mice on a Plane" about air-dropping Tylenol-stuffed mice in Guam to control the population of brown snakes.

9/16/2010: Paul linked on GeekPress.

9/20/2010: Eugene Volokh linked on Volokh Conspiracy.

9/21/2010: Glenn Reynolds linked on Instapundit.


  • I wonder if these time differences are close to the actual mean-times-between-readings of these bloggers to these linked-to blogs?
  • I have the feeling that these links were garnered passively -- I didn't email Paul about my story, and I feel that none of the other linkees purposefully passed the story on. Confirm/deny?
  • GeekPress and Volokh Conspiracy linked to the story as a standalone item, but Instapundit might have only linked to it because it fit into the context of the possum-rat story he was already linking to. I bet Glenn read the tylenol-mouse story first and it came to mind later when he read about the possums and rats. Two related stories equals good enough to post! This might be worth remembering next time I send a link to Glenn.
  • Does this link chain reflect the emergent hierarchy of the blogosphere?

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