If you need any further proof of just how scared the left-wing media is of the blogosphere then consider the May 3rd, 2010, edition of Newsweek.

Let's glance through the table of contents for something interesting to read about.... Hm, a story about "coffee parties"? I think I remember hearing something about 12 hippies meeting in a Starbucks six months ago but I wasn't aware that it merited serious coverage. The article (below) casts the "Tea Party people" as a bunch of paranoid racists but manages to avoid any overtly offensive language.

But wait a second, let's go back to the table of contents! This bit of the magazine is fairly unusual in that it is only available to Newsweek's print readers. Here, in the safety of the table of contents, Newsweek's editors are among fellow travelers and can really tell us what they think without fear of recrimination. So what about those "Tea Party people" from the article?

The point: Newsweek is too cowardly to let its columnists write what they really think in the main body of their magazine because they might face criticism; hence, "teabaggers" became "Tea Party people". But in the safety and security of the internet-inaccessible table of contents the editors let their hair down treat their left-wing print readers to a little fan service.

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