It's not at all clear to me that he has the authority, but Missouri Republican Lt. Governor Peter Kinder is seeking to join a multi-state lawsuit against Obamacare... despite lack of support from our Democrat governor and attorney general.

Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder, the state's lone Republican statewide official, announced today he will seek to join a lawsuit led by 13 attorneys general across the country to stop President Obama's health care reform from being enacted.

As a constitutional officer and the state's official senior advocate, Kinder claims he has the right to become a party to the lawsuit on the state's behalf.

"I intend to join with officials from 13 other states to challenge the legality of this federal health care bill and any unconstitutional provision" it may contain, Kinder told reporters.

I definitely support the states' efforts to oppose Obamacare, but I think this announcement by Kinder is mostly a publicity stunt intended to draw attention and put pressure on our other statewide elected officials.

(HT: RB.)

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