Representative democracy is dead in America. The Democrat's forcing of their health care takeover in direct opposition to the will of the people is just the latest demonstration that our government is no longer operating with the consent of the governed. Fortunately we still live under a Constitution that empowers us to overturn this horrendous abuse of power in November, and I'm confident that we will. The Democrats should be thankful for the Constitution, because if there weren't an election looming I expect they'd be facing crowds with torches and pitchforks.

To motivate you for November, ruminate on how the Democrats got 60 Senators.

Mary Landreiu - wins by 5788 votes, after fraudulent vote counting - goes on to win with incumbent advantages Al Franken - loses on election night, but with help of ACORN Secretary of State Mark Ritchie, gets votes counted that are left in cars, are double counted, and are viewed differently in Democratic districts than Republican ones.

Paul Kirk - Massachusetts state legislature changes law after Teddy Kennedy dies to allow governor to name replacement, despite changing the law in 2004 to prevent governor from naming replacement.
Frank Lautenberg - Robert Torricelli withdraws from the campaign against his Republican challenger after taking illegal contributions. New Jersey Supreme Court changes the law to allow Lautenberg, a former Senator to take his place, despite a clear law stating this can not happen (bonus points - this same issue came up in Texas with Tom Delay. His name was left on the ballot, and Democrat Nick Sampson won a narrow contest).

Arlen Specter - switches allegiance to Democrats when his vote on stimulus funding ruins his primary chances. Given committee assignments to make switch. Now a lapdog.
Jim Webb - Washington Post decides to make macaca most important aspect of 2006 campaign. Running dozens of stories has an effect - Webb wins by a few thousand votes.

Mark Begich - wins election by less than 4000 votes after Ted Stevens is indicted. Stevens indictment is thrown out for prosecutorial misconduct after the election.

Channel your anger into action.

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