Here's a fascinating statistic: 10 out of the past 10 presidents have had daughters. I'm not sure I like how they frame the data: "Americans prefer presidents with daughters". There could be a whole host of causes for this statistic other than that Americans preferentially vote for men with daughters. Still, very interesting.

In a blog post, Auren Hoffman wondered if politicians with daughters are more successful than those without. It's an intriguing thought, and there may be some truth to the suggestion. We focused on American presidents and discovered that each of the last 10 presidents had at least one daughter, but only five had sons.

Why would daughters have an impact? Perhaps voters think that presidents with daughters will be more empathetic to women's issues, or perhaps the following anonymous comment on the Marginal Revolution blog offers some insight:

ALL of my male friends who had children were changed for the better by having at least one daughter. It is not a wife who socializes a husband, it is a daughter.

My wife will be happy to hear that our daughter will help her socialize me!

(HT: Jerry.)

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