Ted Kennedy has died, and I will say a prayer for his family that they will be comforted in their grief.

I'm sorry that Ted Kennedy is dead; I'm glad that Ted Kennedy is no longer in the Senate. He spent his life fighting to remake America into a liberal, socialist welfare state, and insofar as he accomplished his goals he was detrimental to America. One of his passions during his tenure in the Senate was the elimination of our (mostly) free market health care system, and it is supremely ironic that near the end of his life he chose private health care for himself rather than the government-run medical care that was available to him as a veteran from the Veterans' Administration.

Ted Kennedy was also a strong proponent of abortion-on-demand and received a 100% rating from NARAL. As such, he was instrumental in causing and allowing the deaths of millions of unborn children. While the nation mourns the death of Ted Kennedy after 77 years of wealth, power, and privilege, who sheds a tear for these tiny souls?

The cries of these murdered children must even now be haunting Ted Kennedy in his afterlife.

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