Here's a good question about leftists that I think I can answer.

What is it about those on the left, including some very intelligent and thoughtful people, who get whipped into a frenzy any time anyone takes issue with their ideas? What accounts for their repeated attempts at character assassination of their critics?

I doubt we’ll find the answer in studying their worldview, but we might it by studying their character and considering their hysteria. The answer has more to do with their psychology than their adversaries’ politics.

I believe the reason that leftists get "frenzied" when people disagree with their ideas is that they recognize that socialism can only work in a homogeneous culture (like mythical Sweden). The Left uses pop culture and the media to as tools to promote this socialist mindset in America ("diversity" means racial/sexual diversity only) and they get reflexively angry whenever anyone says anything that endangers the homogeneity they're working so hard to promote.

The Right, on the other hand, purposefully favors policies that don't require everyone in the society to think in lockstep. Capitalism, small government, and low taxes don't require us to "work together", they give us freedom to each do our own thing. Not coincidentally, because the Right's philosophy doesn't require everyone to think alike in order to succeed, the Right is also a much more vigorous proponent of free speech and free-thinking now than are modern "liberals" (who don't deserve to be called by that name).

It's called "liberty", and it endangers the socialist dream. That's why Leftists hate it. (Despite often deluding themselves into thinking that they're promoting liberty by pushing socialism.)

(HT: Instapundit.)

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