I wrote my concerns about Sarah Palin as McCain's VP candidate earlier, but it's going to take a few weeks for the public to really get a feel for her as a person. Excitement is running high right now, but will the experience issue sink her like it failed to do for Barack Obama? We'll have to wait and see.

I believe that Kleinheider is correct in asserting that the Left doesn't understand the Christian conservative mind and is aggressively playing a losing hand by focusing attention on the unborn child of Palin's unmarried 17-year-old daughter (Bristol).

The Left will fight this battle as a political debate. They will argue that Bristol Palin proves their assertions about traditionalism. They will lay it out point by point. The evidence will be solid. And their case will make sense — in theory.

But this is not theory, and to a certain extent its not even politics, this is life. Steve Schmidt is not wrong when in reaction to the news he says, “Life happens.”

Life does happen. It happens again and again to people in rural America who go to church, work and pray hard. Everyday life happens. Despite their prayers, it happens.

The Left simply misunderstands the Cultural War because they believe that social and religious conservatives think they are perfect people. Rural, working class people know exactly who they are. The Left seems to think that they are somehow breaking the news to social conservatives that sometimes, even often, kids will have sex and get pregnant. Social conservatives know these things. They are not as divorced from reality as they sometimes get painted. ...

Conservatives know they are imperfect. Instead of embracing the imperfection and “giving up” they instead prefer to strive for something better.

The Left essentially "gives up" on morality by refusing to affirm standards that cannot be met. That's a critical difference between Christians and secular people. Rabid secularists crow when they catch a Christian in "hypocrisy" -- that is, failing to live up to the standards we espouse -- but they fail to comprehend that one of the core principles of Christianity is the certainty that we will fail. All of us. Frequently. But rather than doing what secularists do and lowering the bar so we can jump it more easily, we reaffirm the high standards and trust in God to help us leap higher next time.

As for the attitude towards Governor Palin, the early comments on this TalkLeft post asking when she'll drop out are fascinating. TalkLeft is a leftwing site with a primarily leftist readership, yet the first several responses to this post are incredibly supportive of Palin. Here are a few excerpts responding to the question "when will Sarah Palin drop out?":

I'm kinda thinking that she doesn't
I agree: not gonna happen
agreed- she will end up being a net plus

and all of the attacks on her and her family by the left are going to backfire. I am a liberal Dem and I am astonished that anyone is playing the experience card, when we have just nominatd the most inexperieced prez. candidate in 150 years. i can see the commercials alreay.

Right! Because even if Palin has far right views - she is REAL. And there is a HUGE shortage of real in politics today. And she has accomplished things, she has a lovely family - especially with the problems (because every family has problems), and she is strong. Obama isn't strong. He doesn't have passionate views on things. What are his opinions on things? Who knows? (Please don't tell me to go to his website to find out!) Neither does Biden or even McCain have stong opinions. They have been in Washington too long. Palin knows who she is. You may not agree, but she believes - and you have to respect that. Her views are not political, they are her life.
Palin won't ever drop out if Obama keeps this up..

Obama didn'd do himself any favors here.

Obama smiled and said Palin's town of Wasilia, Alaska had 50 employees. His campaign has 2500. The town's budget is about $12 million a year. His budget is 3 times that per month.

This is a level of excess which a seasoned politician, with any common sense, would keep to himself. But Obama sits there, and witlessly touts his CAMPAIGN'S superior manpower and financial prowess in relation to a small TOWN.

This episode of utterly tone-deaf braggadocio will, no doubt, end up in a GOP attack ad. Obama just doesn't get it.

And so on. It's quite amazing. Is the public impression of Palin already solidifying into "new and exciting" rather than "inexperienced token female"? If so, the elites in the media and both parties haven't gotten the memo yet.

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