Maybe it shouldn't be surprising, but Barack Obama doesn't understand how the United Nations works.

Obama called for direct talks among all sides and said the United States, the U.N. Security Council and other parties should try to help bring about a peaceful resolution. ...

"The current escalation of military conflict resulted in part from the lack of a neutral and effective peacekeeping force operating under an appropriate UN mandate," Obama said. "Russia cannot play a constructive role as peacekeeper."

Russia is the UN-authorized "peacekeeper" in the region at the moment, so set aside the underlying irony of Obama's proposed solution. His suggestion that the United Nations play a role in restraining Russia is idiotic for one simple reason: Russia is on the UN Security Council and has veto power over everything the UN does! The UNSC can't even issue a statement condemning the war without Russia's approval, much less authorize "peacekeepers".

It's scary that Obama knows less about international affairs than I do.

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