Looks like McCain hit a homerun. Jolly good.

My favorite parts:

  • Obama says that Justice Clarance Thomas didn't have enough experience to be nominated to the Supreme Court. Yes, let's make this election about experience!
  • Obama says that the question of when babies get human rights is "above my pay-grade". Uh, aren't you trying for the top job in the land? Whose opinion does matter then, if not yours?
  • McCain wants to cut taxes for everyone.
  • McCain's toughest decision: deciding to refuse an early release from captivity in Vietnam.
  • Obama's toughest decision: not supporting the Iraq War. How was that a tough decision? It made him wildly popular. And doesn't it being "tough" imply that he was conflicted over the matter?
  • McCain was smart to name the failure of his first marriage as his "biggest moral failing". It's going to come up, and he was smart to address it first.

I'm glad to hear that McCain's appearance tonight has finally convinced some very smart people that he can actually win the election. As I've been saying all along.

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