Watch out for disingenuous labeling of voters who don't vote for Barack Obama as "racially motivated".

More disturbing, racially motivated voting appeared to be running higher than usual according to exit poll results. Two in 10 white voters in West Virginia said the race of the candidate was a factor in their vote. Of those voters, about 70 percent said they wouldn't support Obama over McCain.

From that link to exit poll results:

Racially motivated voting ran somewhat higher than elsewhere: Two in 10 whites said the race of the candidate was a factor in their vote, second only to Mississippi. Just 31 percent of those voters said they'd support Obama against presumptive Republican nominee John McCain, fewer than in other primaries where the question's been asked.

The implication is clear: people who said that "the race of the candidate was a factor in their vote" are racists. However, there are plenty of other more likely interpretations of the poll results. Just because race was a factor in a voting decision doesn't mean that the respondent voted for or against Obama directly because of his skin color. The connection between the vote and race could be indirect, and quite legitimate.

1. Obama's disgraceful pastor of 23 years, Jeremiah Wright, did more to bring race into the campaign than anyone else. Obama's handling of the Wright issue is a substantial issue that hinges largely on race. His "typical white person" remarks seem intended to cause racial division.

2. Obama's position on affirmative action is a racial issue.

3. Michelle Obama's recently acquired pride in America have a racial angle, considering how much she personally benefited from affirmative action.

4. Obama was quick to call for the firing of Don Imus, despite his multi-decade blindness to the racism of his own church.

I'm sure there are others, but I've got to run at the moment. You fill in the blanks!

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