... than I'd yet heard of. A buddy told me about this idea: it's very simple, and can catch multiple mice at a time without having to be manually reset.

Items required:

  • five gallon bucket
  • wire
  • aluminum can
  • bait, such as peanut butter
  • water
  • brick
  • some sort of ramp/stick/etc.

Construction is simple. Place the bucket wherever you've got the mouse problem and fill it partially with water. Thread the aluminum can onto the wire very near the bottom of the can, so the base of the can points up into the air when the wire is stretched out horizontally. Tie the wire across the middle of the mouth of the bucket and smear your bait (such as peanut butter) onto the upward-facing base of the can. Place your ramp/stick/etc. against the outside of the bucket so that mice can climb it to get to the wire, and hence the bait. When a mouse crawls out to the peanut butter, the can will tip the mouse into the water where it will drown. The brick can be placed in the water about an inch below the surface; mice that climb up onto the brick will squeal for help, luring more mice into the trap.

Simple and brilliant.

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