Jeff Rosenthal built his own electric truck based off a 1996 Ford Ranger.

Rosenthal bought the truck for $3,000 and estimates he's spent about $12,000 modifying it, including $1,000 for the batteries.

The truck gets 40 miles on a single eight- to 10-hour charge, but Rosenthal said with more investment, an electrical car can get up to 100 miles on one charge. Total cost to charge Rosenthal's truck: $1.06.

He estimates he puts about 8,000 miles a year on the truck and expects it to last until it has about 500,000 miles. He's gotten good at knowing the mileage for trips. About 14 miles for soccer practice, 33 miles to the Spirit of St. Louis Golf Course.

That would be quite a fun project, and could even go on a resume.

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