What frustrates me most about Islam's creeping subjugation of the (classically) liberal West is our failure to recognize and confront the ongoing demographic war. We're used to winning demographic wars by default, and the shooting wars have pretty much followed suit. The West's falling birthrate and apathy towards cultural evangelism has ceded momentum to Islam, which is now in ascension despite desperate poverty, rampant nihilism, and general depravity.

Unlike shooting wars, demographic wars don't depend on maneuvering armies, vast wealth, or superior technology, which are America's strengths. After 9/11 we realized that our declared enemies were serious about destroying us, but it's taken a while to fully appreciate how crippled our culture is due to our malignant Left. We're basically incapable of waging a demographic war: we don't have many children, we aren't interested in changing other cultures to conform to ours, and we're very reluctant to even defend ourselves in the face of Islam's cultural onslaught.

For example, Saudi Arabia has built and is funding hundreds of mosques and madrasahs across America, but owning a Bible in Saudi Arabia is punishable by death. The Left preaches tolerance, but tolerance can only work when it's reciprocated -- otherwise it's a suicide pact. Our government certainly doesn't need to pay to build churches in Saudi Arabia, but it should be working furiously to get our citizens the same freedoms there that their imams have here.

America had to fight shooting battles in Afghanistan and Iraq, but that's only half the war. The other half will be fought demographically, and no matter how many shots we fire we won't win the war unless we have children and are willing to proudly spread our civilization. This is an important discussion to have, because I really want our culture to win and I feel like our leaders and elite won't even admit that we're in a fight.

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