One unfortunate side effect of our convoluted legal system is that even the police don't know how to follow the law. In summary:

Michael Righi was arrested in Ohio over the weekend after refusing to show his receipt when leaving Circuit City. When the manger and 'loss prevention' employee physically prevented the vehicle he was a passenger in from leaving the parking lot, he called the police, who arrived, searched his bag and found he hadn't stolen anything. The officer then asked for Michael's driver's license, which he declined to provide since he wasn't operating a motor vehicle. The officer then arrested him, and upon finding out Michael was legally right about not having to provide a license, went ahead and charged him with 'obstructing official business' anyways.

I always refuse to show my receipt when leaving a store. It's a matter of principle, and I salute Michael Righi for taking a stand.

(HT: Nick and Slashdot.)

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