I've been thinking about Mitt Romney for the past few days and I really respect that he's been married to his wife for almost 40 years. In this day and age, that's quite an accomplishment for a successful businessman, not to mention a politician.

Senator David Vitter has also been in the news recently because of his patronage of the DC Madam's prostitution ring. Vitter's wife, Wendy, recently made a strong statement supporting her husband and reconfirming that their family is reconciled and has already dealt with his infidelity.

"David is my best friend," Vitter said at a press conference last week. "Some people said to me they wouldn't want to be in my shoes. I stand before you to say I am proud to be Wendy Vitter."

She went on to say that privately she has forgiven her husband and that she has every intention of recommitting to their marriage.

"To forgive is not only always the easy choice, but it was the right choice for me," Wendy said.

And then there are the various top-tier Republican presidential candidates: Rudy Giuliani tries to hide his first two marriages, Fred Thomson is on his second wife and is a self-described womanizer, and John McCain ditched his first wife after she worked tirelessly to get him back from Vietnam. Not exactly models of fidelity.

So my question to you: other things being equal, would you prefer as a candidate a serial marrier like Giuliani, Thomson, and McCain, or a reconciled cheater like Vitter?

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