Ever wonder when the best time is to buy a cordless phone or a shrub? Check out Consumer Report's sale calendar to see what items tend to be on sale in which months. It's only a rough guide, but I plan to keep it in mind when I'm going to make a major purchase.

They also add:

Some other tips that don’t fit neatly into the calendar:

* Airline tickets tend to be least expensive on Wednesday mornings because that’s when airlines try to fill unsold seats on flights for the following week to 10 days.

* CDs and DVDs generally come out on Tuesdays and might be on sale for the first one to three weeks.

* Jewelry sales are common, except around Valentine’s Day and the Dec­ember holidays. So plan to buy early or hope that your beloved will agree to settle for an IOU.

(HT: Sound Mind Investing Blog.)

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