My brother send along an article about an online random number generator that can supposedly supply truly random numbers instead of the pseudo-random numbers us computer scientists are used to.

The work on QRBG [Quantum Random Bit Generator] Service has been motivated by scientific necessity (primarily of local scientific community) of running various simulations (in cluster/Grid environments), whose results are often greatly affected by quality (distribution, nondeterminism, entropy, etc.) of used random numbers. Since true random numbers are impossible to generate with a finite state machine (such as today's computers), scientists are forced to either use specialized expensive hardware number generators, or, more frequently, to content themselves with suboptimal solutions (like pseudo-random numbers generators).

The Service has begun as a result of an attempt to fulfill the scientists' needs for quality random numbers, but has now grown to a global (public) high-quality random numbers service.

Incredibly useful for a host of applications. I'm going to download a huge batch of random numbers right now!

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