Rand Simberg wasn't impressed by the medical students he's known and John Derbyshire isn't surprised that the Muslim docs in London screwed up their bombs. My experiences with medical doctors leave me similarly unimpressed with the group as a whole. As Derbyshire puts it:

I attended a British university with a large and famous teaching hospital attached. The medical students were pretty widely regarded as the dumbest on campus, and as the heaviest drinkers and stupidest pranksters. Of the five or six student rock groups, the medics' was the loudest and worst. (Its name was "Perry Stalsis and his Abdo Men.") My subsequent experience of doctors has done nothing to erase those early impressions. Sure, medical students have to memorize the names of a lot of little parts. So do auto mechanics.

I used the auto mechanic analogy in my post, too, but auto mechanics don't have a powerful government-enforced licensing scheme to limit the supply of their services. That's the difference.

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