DARPA's building a war-fighting equivalent of Deep Blue named Deep Green, and I think computer-augmented command structures are the wave of the future.

According to the DARPA call for ideas (available in full here (pdf), Deep Green will include technologies called "Sketch to Plan and Sketch to Decide", "Crystal Ball", "Automated Course of Action Generation"" and "Blitzkrieg".

The idea is that within three years DARPA will be able to run wargames using human headquarters staffs, but that the Deep Green equipped staffs will have only a quarter as many personnel. Performance will be graded by judges who don't know whether a given team was Deep Green equipped or not. ...

"The long-term vision of Deep Green is for options to be generated by both the commander and the computer... so that some options are generated by humans and others are generated by machines. Initially, DARPA expects the machine generation of options to be centered on making clever mutations of the human-generated options..."

One of the most fruitful directions of artificial intelligence research is writing software that augments the abilities of human decision-makers. AIs that can suggest options to generals and estimate outcomes will be invaluable in the battlespace of the future, largely because they'll have far more information awareness than a human staff could ever achieve.

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