I've been on the phone with the customer service operators of various companies all morning, and Delta Airlines' is by far the worst. Their website threw an error and refused to give me my account number when I signed up for a SkyMiles account, and that's all I want to find out from the phone rep. After sitting on hold for 10 minutes, then talking to a rep, then getting put back on hold for 15 minutes, then disconnected, I'm now waiting on hold to talk to someone else. The rep barely speaks English and can't understand what I'm asking her. This is possibly the most frustrating customer service call I've made in months. All I want is my account number!

What's more, I hate talking to the stupid computer systems! Hate hate hate it. I'd rather push buttons to navigate the menus, but I'd rather just talk directly to a human who speaks English. That's what Southwest does, and that's a big reason why I always fly Southwest when I can. Here's a new motto for SWA: "We won't make you want to strangle some poor foreigner every time you call!"

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