The Lost season finale last night, "Through the Looking Glass" completely rocked. Many of my Lost predictions were right, but the big shocker to me was that Penny wasn't involved with Naomi's boat. I predicted that the boat people were going to be bad -- in opposition to Ben's "good people" -- but I thought they might be working for Penny's evil dad and Widmore Labs. So who the heck are they?

The boat people must be somehow related to my wife's research into the wake Jack attended solo.

There have been several people blowing up the screenshots of the obituary Jack was so upset about.

The words we can make out are:

Man Found Dead in Downtown Loft

J---- ---anthem of New York was found shortly after 4 am in the --- block of Grand Avenue. -----The Towers ----- on a beam in --- loft. (There is lots more to the obit that hasn't been deciphered yet, but Lost Easter Eggs on Blogspot has some good screen captures)

So one may begin theorizing that someone killed themselves by hanging in their loft.

People have been suggesting that J--- ---anthem stands for "Jeremy Banthem" who was an 18th century philosopher who also had ties to John Locke (the philosopher).

I did some research on Jeremy Banthem and besides the Locke connection, Banthem had an experient called the Panopticon. Basically, it held that observing people without them knowing they were being observed is the greatest power over the human mind, or something like that. Maybe Panopticon was an influence for some Dharma hatches?

Going back to the obit, we can make out the words "The Towers" and in Los Angeles, there is a Panopticon-inspired prison called the Twin Towers Correctional Facility.


Also, apparently the obit was in the LA Times from April 5th, 2007. If they bring Walt back more it'll be in flash-forwards that allow the actor to look his real age.

I need more time to process the episode... but it was awesome.

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