Latest in the sequences of miracles from adult stem cell research is an experiment in which stem cell therapy cured type 1 diabetes. Note, of course, that the research involved adult stem cells and not embryonic stem cells which are "harvested" from unborn babies have have yielded zero medical breakthroughs.

Diabetics using stem-cell therapy have been able to stop taking insulin injections for the first time, after their bodies started to produce the hormone naturally again.

In a breakthrough trial, 15 young patients with newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes were given drugs to suppress their immune systems followed by transfusions of stem cells drawn from their own blood.

Unfortunately the article goes on to unjustifiably praise embryonic stem cell research with false claims and condemn President Bush for opposing it.

But research using the most versatile kind of stem cells — those acquired from human embryos — is currently opposed by powerful critics, including President Bush.

The claim in the first phrase above is false: embryonic stem cells are no more "versatile" than stem cells taken from, e.g., amniotic fluid. Furthermore, embryonic stem cells tend to turn cancerous and cause brain tumors.

Why are so many people so eager to slaughter babies and harvest their stem cells despite the fact that embryonic stem cells can't cure anything? I can think of only two explanations. First, scientists who have invested their careers in this direction want to keep the grant money flowing. Second, pro-abortionists recognize their need to increase acceptance of abortion among an increasingly pro-life population.


Ironically the Senate was debating embryonic stem cell research today and claiming that only embryonic stem cells could help cure diabetes. Their conviction is strange, considering that embryonic stem cell therapy hasn't led to a single treatment for any disease or condition.

Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa), who introduced the act with Sen. Arlen Specter (R-Pa.), drew particular attention to a 12-year-old diabetic girl he recently met, who he said must inject herself with insulin 120 times a month. “If adult stem cells could provide a cure for juvenile diabetes, she'd gladly take it,” Harkin said, suggesting that only embryonic stem cells have the capacity to cure diabetes. In research to be published in today's Journal of the American Medical Association, scientists from Brazil and the United States showed that adult stem cells may indeed help cure diabetes.

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