In a disgusting move that reveals their all-consuming pro-abortion agenda, California's two Democrat senators, Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer, voted for the Stem Cell Enhancement Act of 2007 which seeks to provide more federal funding for embryonic stem cell research / murdering babies, and then voted against the HOPE Act which seeks to increase funding for adult stem cell research and would allow embryonic stem cells to be harvested from babies that die from natural causes.

There are only two reasons why Feinstein and Boxer opposed the HOPE Act: 1) it doesn't allow the abortion industry to profit from murdering babies for scientific research, and 2) it doesn't further their agenda of legitimizing abortion. The second point is key! Pro-abortionists dream of the day when a cure for some horrible disease can be provided by sacrificing babies, because then they'll be able to claim a justification for abortion other than their own selfishness.

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