Hoards of insipid movies are made every year, but Hollywood is reluctant to distribute movies that challenge the elites' perception of the world. Indoctrinate U is one such film, and it probably won't get wide distribution unless you follow that link and indicate your interest by filling out the form.

In 2004, the American Film Renaissance festival selected Indoctrinate U as its "most anticipated documentary." We include here a sampling of the "buzz" about the film and its short film predecessors, Brainwashing 101 and Brainwashing 201.

"one of the most horrifying and hysterical documentaries I have ever seen."
- Ain’t It Cool News, On Brainwashing 101

“If any of the films shown at this festival are going to breakout and become huge mainstream hits, it's either going to be Michael Moore Hates America or Brainwashing 101 [the short-form precursor to Indoctrinate U]. Directed by new, sharp-witted, gonzo-journalist Evan Maloney, 101 is an unbiased look at censorship and P.C. run amuck on college campuses. This is one of the most horrifying and hysterical documentaries I have ever seen.”

"For those who haven’t been on college campuses recently, Maloney’s documentary is eye opening. "
- American Enterprise, On Brainwashing 201

"Non-left academics are harassed for their political views. Students who show a conservative bent are threatened... Campuses are supposed to be marketplaces of ideas where issues stand and fall on their merits. Brainwashing 201 [the short-form precursor to Indoctrinate U] demonstrates effectively that this is now far from the case."

I've seen the short films, and I can't wait to see the long version in the theater, so go sign up. You won't get any spam or anything, but you will be notified if and when Indoctrinate U is playing in your area.

(HT: Instapundit.)

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