When I first saw the furor over Alberto Gonzales I was flabbergasted. He's in trouble for firing eight US Attorneys? One of Bill Clinton's first acts as President in 1993 was to fire all 93 US Attorneys and no one had a problem with it then because, as now, the US Attorneys serve at the pleasure of the President. They're not independent entities like so-called "special prosecutors", they're an arm of the executive branch.

Despite the molehillish nature of the mountain at hand, Democrats are inexplicably eager to remove the highest-placed Hispanic that has ever been in the United States government -- who also happens to be pro-choice and pro-affirmative action. Intrade doesn't give Gonzales a very good chance of surviving, although the trading volume is very low at the moment. I haven't been following the story very closely, but my opinion is that this should blow over quickly since there just isn't much to it.

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