California politicians who oppose the Three Strikes law have apparently be undermining the state's prison system for years.

Los Angeles, CA. In an eight minute Full Disclosure Networkâ„¢ video news blog, President Steve Ipsen of the Association of Deputy District Attorneys accuses California politicians of deliberately sabotaging the California Prison system thus setting the stage for a massive prison release program now underway. Ipsen tells FDN host Leslie Dutton how criminals who are sentenced to prison are now being released after serving only half, or less, of their sentences due to California politics. He says elected officials, who oppose the Three Strikes law, have for the past ten years, blocked building new prisons, causing massive overcrowding and early releases. ...

According to Steve Ipsen, the political strategy to undermine the Three Strikes Law started ten years ago, when elected officials decided ”We’re not going to build more prisons because we don’t like the three strikes law, we’re going to let overcrowding occur and then some poor governor down the line—who happens to be Governor Schwarzenegger—has Federal judges staring down his…saying ‘you better do something or we’re going to release ’em’ and we’ve got a governor here who’s been sabotaged by a plan orchestrated ten years go—where were the plans to build more prisons?”

Sounds like a good strategy to me.

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