It seems pretty unfair to make wrongly-convicted prisoners pay for their own jail time.

Three men who spent years in jail after being wrongly convicted of murder will have to pay for their prison board and lodgings, Law Lords have ruled.

Brothers Vincent and Michael Hickey of Birmingham, spent 18 years in jail for paperboy Carl Bridgewater's murder.

Michael O'Brien from Cardiff spent 11 years in jail for a separate murder.

The three were deducted money from their compensation for what lawyers called "living expenses" but what the court agreed was for life necessities.

Judges ruled by a four to one majority that they must pay back 25% of their compensation.

Talk about adding insult to injury.... What's more, the "compensation" awarded was less than a million pounds for the two guys who spent 18 years in jail each, and barely half a million for the guy who spent 11 years in prison.

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