All the hubbub about Nancy Pelosi's private Air Force jet is ridiculous.

The Department of Defense yesterday sent a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that puts limits on the size of the plane she may use to travel across the country and restricts the guests she can bring, The Washington Times has learned.

A congressional source who read the letter signed by Assistant Secretary of Defense Robert Wilkie said it essentially limits her to the commuter plane used by former Speaker J. Dennis Hastert, which requires refueling to travel from Washington to Mrs. Pelosi's San Francisco district. A second source, in the Bush administration, confirmed the contents of the letter.

The Washington Times first reported last week that Mrs. Pelosi's staff was pressing the Department of Defense for an Air Force aircraft large enough to fly nonstop to San Francisco. She also has pressed to be able to include other members of the California congressional delegation, her family members and her staff on the plane.

"It's not a question of size. It's a question of distance," Mrs. Pelosi told reporters yesterday. "We want an aircraft that can reach California."

Look, she obviously needs a jet that can get her from California to DC without stopping. If there's another terrorist attack or a war and she needs to get to work she can't be stopping to refuel. She should also be restricted from bringing non-work-related passengers onto the plane, because it's not her own personal jet.

This whole topic of conversation is stupid. ABC News reports that an Air Force C-37A is probably available that could fly coast-to-coast without the excessive cost of the C-32.

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