So hundreds of JetBlue passengers were stranded on a plane for 10 hours at JFK Airport yesterday, but I don't understand why they didn't just get off.

We have pictures from inside JetBlue Flight 751 on its way to Cancun. One hundred and 34 passengers sat on the plane for more than nine hours today. Passengers didn't get off until 5 p.m. And as you would imagine, all that time never getting to Cancun had passengers furious.

"There was no power and it was hot. There was no air. They kept having to open the actual plane doors so we could breath," a passenger on the flight told us.

"Nobody gave us any answers. They kept telling us we know as much as you do. And I said, I don't work here, you work here, give me answers," another passenger said.

"Everybody is incredibly tired and frustrated and we didn't expect to be in New York tonight, so it's ridiculous. Just sitting there and sitting there and them saying they were going to pull us into the gate and they never did. There was very little food. It was just a nightmare," a passenger told us.

So why didn't the people just leave? Was someone holding a gun to their heads? Just get up, get off the plane, and walk to the terminal. Alternatively, use a cell phone to dial 911 and get the the police to come. This isn't rocket science. Some people are sheep.

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