A newly prominent group is working to keep atheists out of government.

Annie Laurie Gaylor speaks with a soft voice, but her message catches attention: Keep atheists out of government.

Gaylor has helped transform the Freedom From Atheists Foundation from obscurity into the nation’s largest group of nondenominational Christians, with a fast-rising membership and increasing legal clout. ...

“What’s at stake is our culture's heritage of spirituality in our civic institutions,” Gaylor said. ...

Its leaders say the surge in membership reflects a U.S. population that is becoming more religious and growing conservative alarm since Democrats' midterm election victory.

“There was a feeling that there was almost a near secular-left takeover of our government and that we better speak up now,” Gaylor said. ...

“We’ve applied some very needed pressure to keep atheists and non-believers out of government office,” said the elder Gaylor, 80. “We hope we’ve done some educating that will be lasting.”

I'm not sure what I think about this.

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