As of last night we're effectively at war with Mexico, and it looks like we lost the first battle.

A U.S. Border Patrol entry Identification Team site was overrun Wednesday night along Arizona's border with Mexico.

According to the Border Patrol, an unknown number of gunmen attacked the site in the state's West Desert Region around 11 p.m. The site is manned by National Guardsmen. Those guardsmen were forced to retreat.

The Border Patrol will not say whether shots were fired.

Which means shots were fired. I don't mean to sound hysterical, but what is it besides war when armed soldiers, regular or irregular, cross our border and attack our military positions?

The Border patrol says the attackers quickly retreated back into Mexico.

The National Guard troops should be authorized to follow armed invaders back into Mexico and kill them. This sort of attack and retreat incursion is nothing less than a military probe of our capability and will. If such probes are met with weakness, expect further escalation.



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