My wife sent me this article that perfectly illustrates how WalMart benefits consumers who don't even shop there by increasing competition and driving down prices.

St. Louis shoppers can expect to see more grocery prices fall as competitors react to Schnuck Markets Inc.'s move to cut what it charges for some 10,000 items.

"We've always been competitive, and we always will be. That's the bottom line," said Greg Dierberg, president and chief executive of Chesterfield-based Dierbergs Markets Inc. "We'll react to any items that we need to."

For example, he said, Dierbergs today will lower the price of bananas to 50 cents a pound from 59 cents, matching a cut by Maryland Heights-based Schnucks. Bananas are one of the most popular items sold in grocery stores.

Translation: Dierbergs' profits will be reduced and consumers will keep more of their own money. When it comes to groceries, poor people benefit the most from reduced prices. So why are Leftists so dead-set against WalMart? They push down eeeevil corporate profit and put money back into the pockets of the poorest among us.

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