Aside from Europe's escalating problem with Islamists, it's growing harder and to even consider the various EUocratic states to be democracies in any real sense of the word.

By contrast, Tim Hames, of the London Times, supported toppling the butcher but not killing him. "Mainstream middle-class sentiment in Europe," he wrote, "now regards the death penalty as being as ethically tainted as the crimes that produced the sentence."

"Mainstream middle-class sentiment" translates into English as: "People I meet at dinner parties."

According to a poll published in Le Monde, the majority of Spaniards, Germans, French and British were all in favor of executing Saddam.

Indeed, Mr. Hames' fellow Britons aren't that far behind the Neanderthal Yanks in their enthusiasm for a good ol' ethically-tainted hanging: 69% of respondents in the United Kingdom supported the death penalty for the dictator versus 82% in America. Mr. Hames apparently defines "mainstream" opinion as the position held by under a third of his countrymen, not the 70% extremist fringe.

Despite those numbers expressing the rather strong wills of the peoples, none of those countries have capital punishment.



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