Here's an article on the psychology of seduction that is mainly interesting because it reveals the shallowness of our society's view of love and packages obvious truths as profound revelation.

According to Raj Persaud, there is one psychological trick that is guaranteed to make almost anyone fall in love with you: "Identify your target's favourite emotion, then simply go out of your way to supply that emotion in quantities that person has never experienced before," he says.

For example: how would you seduce a psychiatrist? Well, psychiatrists like to feel insightful, so if you met a psychiatrist and kept subtly responding to them in a way that led them to believe they were incredibly insightful, it's highly likely they would develop a deep bond with you.

"Particularly if you make sure they always feel much more insightful in your company than in anyone else's," he adds.

I suppose that could be counted as "seduction", but it's certainly not love. Love is more than just disingenuously feeding your partner whatever emotions she wants to feel. Being emotionally supportive is one important aspect of love (as I'm learning), but there's certainly much more to it than that.



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