It's sad that Rachael Bown was shot, but can you imagine anything more pathetic than a law enforcement officer begging a thug not to shoot because the government won't let the good guys carry guns?

Probationary Pc Rachael Bown suffered life-threatening injuries when she was gunned down by 24-year-old Trevon Thomas in the Lenton area of Nottingham on February 14, the city's crown court heard. ...

hat night, she said, she was chasing a burglary suspect with her more experienced partner Martin Foster when they came face to face with a young black man they had already been told by colleagues was believed to be armed.

She said today: "I saw a black object in his right hand... I assumed it to be the firearm.

"He kept on running towards us. We were both shouting: 'Stay where you are. Stop, don't shoot'."

Pc Bown said the gunman opened fire with the first shot within seconds of Pc Foster spraying him with CS gas. He kept running towards us and Martin then CS'd him. I was trying to get on the radio and say he was there."

When the good guys are armed with pepper spray and the bad guys have guns, guess who runs the show and who begs for their lives.



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