Orson Scott Card poignantly shares his quest for a dream house, and after describing exactly how that house would look he explains why it could never be home.

But a funny thing happened just two days before the meeting where they showed us the plans.

I had caught bacterial pneumonia three weeks earlier, and was still in the realm of the coughing dead. My wife has only finally come back fully from her stress-related heart attack of last fall. I had also just turned fifty-five. Maybe it was the combination of these things, showing us that we were not young anymore. Maybe it was just realizing that we were really going to do this.

But it dawned on both of us, quite separately, that we were about to build the wrong dream house. We were shy about saying it to each other, because up to that moment we had both been so excited. Here's what we realized:

We were preparing to build the house we wish we had raised our children in.

The intangibles of life often overwhelm the tangibles. When Jessica and I picked out our new house, my eye and heart were keenly aware of the memories I hoped to make there....



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