I'm glad the wife and I just sold our house in Los Angeles, because as Neal Boortz points out amnesty for illegal aliens is now guaranteed.

I saw Richard Gephardt on the tube this morning. Naturally he was quite pleased with yesterday's developments. He was doing a good job of chanting the "The must compromise" mantra of the new Democrat majority. More specifically, Gephardt was saying that there would probably be pretty quick action on immigration reform, now that the Republican control of the House was gone.

He's right. Amnesty for illegals is on the way. President Bush is for it. The Senate had already voted for it. The only roadblock was the House. Now, with Democrats in control, the House will be eager to go along.

This will be one of the first moves the Democrats make ... right after they go to raise the minimum wage. Amnesty for illegal aliens will be the order of the day, amnesty without any meaningful controls to make sure that the invasion ceases.

Every one of these invaders is looked on as a potential future vote by Democrats. Nothing will be done to stem the tide.

He's right, and although California, Arizona, and New Mexico will bear the brunt our whole country will suffer for it. There are six billion people who would love to live here, and they're all poor. America simply can't absorb them all. It's not a matter of compassion or "fairness", it's just simple math. Math that the Democrats think will cement them in power forever, because they rely on people who vote for a living. (That is, people whose livelihood depends on handouts from the people they vote into power.)



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